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craigslist scams

i recommend checking out the craigslist scams blog at Word Press.

Before you get ripped off and have to explain some of your indiscretions on the web to your bank, credit card company or your wife or girlfriend you really should reference this list of scam sites.

Just saying. It’s something should do before you do something you shouldn’t do. You can thank me later for being a latex shield on your web browsing habits (or blog blocker, but you will thank me–actually you can thank yourself for making the right decision.

Other resources:


FBI Internet Fraud site

Internet Crime Complaint Center


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that reminds me [just making a note to self: call Dick Cavett] i really like dick

love his posts at The New York Times find Dick’s blog here:

well, by god (or by jeff) with your help we’ll get to the bottom of this…because that’s where we’ll probably find [choose one: him, her or it]…at the bottom of some pile of rubbish

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